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"Lisa is simply masterful at painting a picture, drawing you in emotionally and all with only a few well chosen words. Don't expect fairy tales. Her characters are real world, raw and memorable."



Lisa Heidle writes flash, short and long form fiction, travel & personal essays, articles, and book reviews. Her work has appeared in the Flash Fiction Magazine Anthology, Sabal Literary Journal, Mash Stories, Second Hand Stories, The Chattahoochee Review, and other literary journals. én•nēad, her first short story collection, was released in 2017 and she is currently completing her second short story collection and full-length novel.



én•nēad: short story collection

"This collection of nine short stories weighs in at seventy-eight pages. But the heft of this jewel is incredible, inversely proportional to the work's slim size. Facets of the dark side of humanity are cut with expert care, burnished with unique raw emotion and presented with precision. Lisa Heidle is a master of the craft of short story. Here she gives the reader compelling and heartbreaking stories of broken souls, but also shows their mined courage, steadfast spirit and grace amidst rich imagery, haunting beauty and unforgettable power."



"Lisa Heidle’s debut collection of short stories, en-nead, is a marvel. Each of the nine is a carefully crafted, complete story, not mere scenes, as is popular, or abandonment to the pyrotechnics of language, which is also common. Instead, each is a true, masterful story, with genuine emotional complexity, layered characterization and a signature sub-stratum of melancholy. With slow, deliberate movement, she leads the reader to the core of the pain of each story, exposed with the skill of a surgeon, a destination that is never mawkish, but pulsing with the somehow tender beauty of loss, regret, and raw emotion. With spare language, punctuated by stunning, disarming turns of phrase, these stories have an understated power that can only come with a deep humanity. This slender volume will linger in your thoughts, and given her skill as a storyteller, we can only hope this is the first of many."




"In an age where attention span is dwindling and headlines clamor to be nothing more than clickbait, the timeliness of Lisa Heidle's én•nēad is impeccable. She draws you into her collection of 9 short stories effortlessly, but be prepared for the twists and turns into some of humanity's darkest recesses." 

"Great collection of short stories. I read the whole collection in one sitting, and can see myself returning to it again for slower digestion. Characters are richly textured, and surprisingly tender while exploring darker topics. Each of the stories explores complex and fraught emotional landscapes, writ large in our relationships with our bodies, sexuality, and death. I particularly enjoyed the narrative frame of the last story, "Never Above The Tiara", touching on mother-daughter relationships and experiences of intimate partner violence. I will be recommending this to my writer friends."



Lisa Heidle writes flash, short and long form fiction, travel & personal essays, and articles. 


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